Time to Live Life by Your Code

Want a new job?

Looking for a career change?

Ready to learn some new tech skills?

Then come to Montana and LEARN TO CODE!

Web Developer Boot Camp

In this Web Development course, you will learn the technologies and programming languages to launch into your new career as a full stack Javascript web developer. In this deep dive, you will learn HTML5, CSS3, SaSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React so you can build your first web application

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Software Engineering Boot Camp

This Software Engineering is for those who want to learn Full Stack Javascript Web Development PLUS level up by adding solid Computer Science fundamentals to their toolkit. Our instructor-led training will help you learn concepts from algorithms to recursion, you will also learn Java – the classical programming language.

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Freelancer Boot Camp

Learn the trade of working for yourself or a small agency doing web design. You will learn Full Stack Javascript web development and also do a deep dive into the most popular content management system out there today, WordPress. You will learn how to build your portfolio and build a legitimate online presence, as well as best practices around building proposals and finding client work.

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Front End Master Boot Camp

So, you’ve decided you want to become a Front End Master? In this course, you will go beyond just Full Stack Javascript web development and go deep into design principles and learn about what creates a great user experience while using some of the most cutting edge libraries, frameworks and API’s. This course was designed for those who want to specialize in front end technology and master complex libraries such as Redux.

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Locations & Dates

Our classes are held in different locations around beautiful Montana! We want you to experience the beauty of Big Sky Country and incorporate several outdoor trips into the curriculum so you can enjoy all that our treasure state has to offer. Click below to see locations and dates for our upcoming classes.

Upcoming Classes